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Ubisounds is a group of Music composers and sound designers for video games and audiovisual projects.

The position of music composer and sound designer is well valued and appreciated within the gaming industry. Large developers have their own departments directed exclusively to it and spend a significant percentage of its budget creating memorable themes and recognizable leitmotifs for the general public.

Ubisounds FramesBut what about small developers and independent studies?

The active participation of the musician does not start evenly with the other participants in the initial development, in some cases does not even come into play until reaching the final stages of the project.

Therefore Ubisounds arises as externalized integral 
audio solution. 
A study or small business can not afford to have a member of staff on standby for such a long time during the process.
 Neither a traditional composer knows specific compositional techniques applied to the creative work of video games .

Ubisounds extends their offer where many use to fail. In addition to creating music and effects for interactive sound adapted to the possibilities of the game, adds the option of implementing the audio in the projects it is involved, releasing that work from the developers and saving them much of their time. Ubisounds has a multidisciplinary creative working team, including experienced musicians, each one expert in its field and style, as well as prepared technicians with broad experience in the sector.